Erta di Quintole Erta di Quintole

Erta di Quintole - Scorcio Oliveto The Erta di Quintole Estate, near Impruneta, lies approximately 12km from Florence. The estate belongs to the Legnaioli family and produces extra virgin olive oil. The olive groves cover some 8 hectares of land at 200-250m above sea level. This is a specialised cultivation with around 90% of the trees having been planted in 1987 in the wake of the destructive frosts of 1985.

The planting formation is regular (4.90m) and the cultivation is in polyconic vases. The tree types are Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino and Moraiolo. Once pressed the olives produce an oil with the typically Tuscan characteristics of fruity aroma and a pleasing spiciness. As a result Erta di Quintole extra virgin olive has won important recognition at national level. From 2003 the entire production is certified organic (controlling body ICEA).

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